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 So I've decided to do this schnazzy little meme... because that's all I ever do. Let's get started!

My name is my username. It's pronounced "Casey" not "Cassie". I love that it's gender neutral but girlishly spelt, because it fits me to a T. 

I love cooking and baking, and I guess you could consider me a "foody" but I hate the word. I'm 22, in college, and finishing up my gen eds (after a year of screwing myself over. Yay dysphoria). But despite that noise I'm rather chipper and hardly depressive. I'm leaning towards Mass Communications as a major, school wise. It's flexible enough and suits my interests just fine. 

Recently I've become a bit of a comic book tard, which is a hilarious switch from my weaboo days when I resented anything American. But the fandom is rather fun and I've been enjoying myself more than I ever did with anime. Though that's not to say I don't like anime. I'm gaga for anything Satoshi Kon. I also love colorful ponies (but I've always loved colorful ponies, you posers).

As for side hobbies I like roleplaying, reading, finding crappy hilarious videos on youtube, reading/writing smut (because why not?) and of course, listening to music. 

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