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Mar. 8th, 2012 11:39 pm
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I got Tenshi. 






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First of all, fuck you meme!
Second of all- I have no idea. I'm bombarded with the idea through media and pop music on a daily basis, and I still don't know what it means. I suppose it's unconditional; learning to like someone, maybe even appreciate their flaws to some extent. To me it almost seems unrealistic...but perhaps achievable. It's just fun to write about. I can play with the idea in a safe fictional environment. It's fun to write about two happy people with lots of fluff and cuddles (or even something unhealthy, but I can be a sadistic writer at times). I envy those who can find love, because hey, it sounds nice. But at the same time I'm happy as is. At the moment, the thought of devoting your life to one person seems like a waste of time or just silly. I think I have some maturing to do. I dunno.
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 So I've decided to do this schnazzy little meme... because that's all I ever do. Let's get started!

My name is my username. It's pronounced "Casey" not "Cassie". I love that it's gender neutral but girlishly spelt, because it fits me to a T. 

I love cooking and baking, and I guess you could consider me a "foody" but I hate the word. I'm 22, in college, and finishing up my gen eds (after a year of screwing myself over. Yay dysphoria). But despite that noise I'm rather chipper and hardly depressive. I'm leaning towards Mass Communications as a major, school wise. It's flexible enough and suits my interests just fine. 

Recently I've become a bit of a comic book tard, which is a hilarious switch from my weaboo days when I resented anything American. But the fandom is rather fun and I've been enjoying myself more than I ever did with anime. Though that's not to say I don't like anime. I'm gaga for anything Satoshi Kon. I also love colorful ponies (but I've always loved colorful ponies, you posers).

As for side hobbies I like roleplaying, reading, finding crappy hilarious videos on youtube, reading/writing smut (because why not?) and of course, listening to music. 


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